Our Wedding And Beyond

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Our Anniversaries

1st Anniversary - Paper
We opened gifts early for our first annivesary.  Jamie couldn't wait to give me my gift, so I got to open mine on May 28th.  He got me a wonderful book with things to see and do in every state.  It was the perfect gift for me.  Later that night I couldn't wait for Jamie to open his either, so he also opened his early.  I had gotten him the 50 years of Playboy book, and I made him a little "document" type thing that had 12 things that I had learned in the first year of marriage. 

This picture was taken later that night - I had opened the gift shortly after breakfast.


2nd Anniversary - Cotton
We actually waited until our anniversary this time to open our gifts, and did so first thing in the morning.  Jamie got me some cotton balls (the kind / size that I use daily!), new underwear, two pairs of pajama pants, and one pajama shirt).  I got him a golf towel embroidered with his name on it, with a smiley face guy, and a towel wrap, also embroidered, for him to use after showering.  :)

I love these pajamas.

Jamie with his golf towel.

3rd Anniversary - Leather or Crystal
Neither one of us was particularly excited about Leather or Crystal, so we decided to do our own theme.  Jamie picked "soft" and I picked "green", so we had to find gifts for each other that were soft and green.
Pictures coming soon.  Please check back!