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How we met...

Jamie (Hee-hee)

My parents and I moved into a new neighborhood November 1998 and I made it my unintentional plan to ignore everyone that lived around us.  Of course my dad went out and made friends with people probably that day.  Pretty soon Jamie was over my house ALL THE TIME!  We couldn't get rid of him.  He was always there!!  Our usual conversation consisted of "Hi." and then I would leave.  One day he helped my dad cut down a tree in our backyard and decided to fall out of it with a chainsaw.  My mom started freaking out and I went outside to make sure he was okay.  I put on a new pair of shorts, a tank top, and cute sandals (to make an impression).  I asked him three times if he wanted something to drink.  He kept saying no and basically ignoring me (he'd look at me, tell me no, and then continue to talk to his friends and my father).  I asked him if he was sure he was okay.  He said he was fine and still ignored me, so I went back inside (by the way, there was no mention of, "Hey, nice new shorts" or anything! - LOL, I still tease him about this) and then I ignored him for the next 2 1/2 years.  He caught my eye for real the day he showed up with this hair cut that made him look so much cuter than I ever thought.  He had long hair the whole time I knew him, so when he showed up with all his hair cut off... wow!!  Still, I was me, so I continued to not talk to him, although I did do a triple take on my way out the door and then immediately called my friend Colleen and said, "I have the cutest neighbor!  Who knew!".  One day (around October 2001) I asked him why he was always over our house and we actually started talking.  We would joke around all the time.  He'd make sure he'd schedule his trips so that I was always home or on my way home, and if I wasn't, he'd leave and them come back when he knew I'd be arriving at home.  (Of course I found all this out later.  I didn't know it at the time.)  He asked me out to dinner in early November 2001 and I laughed it off and went upstairs.  We then started IMing and talking on the phone.  Then a couple of days later he told me he was serious about dinner.  I finally accepted.  He took me out, I had just an absolutely great time, and since then we've pretty much been inseparable.  Turns out he had a crush on me from the instant he saw me (his friends knew how much he liked me and apparently they'd all sit around and brainstorm ideas on how he could get my attention - LOL), so why wait three years to do something about it?  And why ignore me with the tree incident?  I'll never understand him....  :)


I guess the short story is we're neighbors.

How we got engaged...


          Christmas Eve 2002, a small portion of Jamie's huge family is gathered in his living room to open presents early.  I was sitting on his lap because there was no other place for me.  We had talked before about maybe getting engaged and I told him, "You don't suit me as the type of person to get down on one knee."  He said, "Yeah, I'd probably do something like put a small box inside a huge box that is filled with packing popcorn or something."  So I'm on his lap when he asks one of his cousins if they would get this huge box out from the corner.  He got up to help and my heart just went crazy, beating out of control.  Finally I remembered that he had bought a new computer monitor for his father.  Yes, I was disappointed, but I told myself to stop expecting...
          So he sits back down and a little while later he got up and said that he had saved the best present for last.  He then gave me this huge bag, which disappointed me because I just realized the huge box wasn't for me, now the last (best) present is in a big bag?  That means it couldn't be a ring.  I was just waiting for the time when he would realize that I was the one for him (as I had discovered months earlier).  So I look in the bag and inside is this Garfield stuffed animal that I already knew about because I was with him when he bought it!  So I said, "This doesn't count as a last gift!"  Then he said, "Well, Garfield has a present for you too."  My heart started pounding all over again and my face was on fire.  I was sure everyone could see.  I pulled out this little box and when I opened it, inside was this little wooden hand-carved bear.  It was cute, but my heart sank.  We had set a price limit for this Christmas and he had kept telling me that he went over it, so I'm sitting there thinking, "There's no way this added up to more than our limit.  There has to be something else."  Then Jamie says, "That wasn't really the last gift." and I said, "Would you please make up your mind?"  (Ooops.  Guess I shouldn't have "yelled" at him right before he's about to ask me to marry him.  Who knew?)  I turned my head around to look at him and when I did I saw him pulling this little box out of his pocket.  Of course there goes my heart pounding all over again.  He opened it and inside was the most beautiful ring I've ever seen, and just the one I've always wanted - heart shaped.  Then I start freaking out inside because I'm thinking, Is this an engagement ring, or just an 'I love you' ring?  Because if it's just an 'I love you' ring and I start freaking out thinking it's an engagement ring, he's gonna start freaking out!!  So I'm sitting there for probably about 30-45 seconds trying to decide what the meaning of this ring is (and Jamie is saying nothing!!  He's just sitting there holding the box!).  Either way, it certainly was a beautiful ring!  Then he starts trembling and his legs start shaking beneath me and finally I say, "Can I touch it? Can I take it out?"  So I do, and I don't think it will fit because guys never get the size right, so I just hold onto it and I'm trying to disguise the fact that I have no idea what the ring means by hugging him for as long as possible.  While I'm thanking him, he finally says, "Does that mean yes?"  I'm thinking, Thank God!! I finally know what this ring means!!  So I nod or mumble or do something stupid.  Then everyone in his family is asking, "What just happened?" because he didn't tell a soul and no one knew!  Finally he tells me to put the ring on, and as I started to, his aunt says, "He has to put it on!  Make him put it on!"  So I take it off and hand it back to him and say, "Yeah!  You put it on!"  So he did and it was the right size and everything!!  It fits perfectly!