Our Wedding And Beyond

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The girls on ivillage were sharing their wedding "nightmares" and I figured since mine were so crazy, I'd start a whole page to keep track of them.
I can't believe how this page has ballooned!  I love my dreams.  I have dreams that I remember almost every night.  This is actually one of my favorite pages on this site.

Dream 1:

Amy was telling me in real life one day that when there's only two months before the wedding I'm going to be freaking out, so in the dream it was the day before the wedding. I was driving home from work thinking, "Amy's wrong. She said I'd be freaking out, but here it is a day before and I'm fine." I was only upset because I didn't shave my legs. Then all of a sudden I remembered that I hadn't sent out or even ordered the invitations, I hadn't ordered favors, decorations, flowers, I didn't have a dress, Jamie didn't have a tux, we never arranged for a limo, etc. So then I started freaking out!! Krista, Amy, and I were all getting ready for the wedding the night before.  I didn’t want to stay at home, so Krista's boss had a hotel room that we could borrow for the night.  We all went there and it turned out that the room was already occupied by like four or five 18 year old girls.  I got mad and decided I didn’t want to stay in that room, so I went to ask for a different room.  Amy got mad, plopped down on a bed and said, “Well, I’m staying.”  So Leah and I left (Krista had disappeared).  Half way through the night, I felt bad about leaving Amy, so we went back, and all the girls were gone.  There are like four beds, so we move our stuff into that room and stay there for the night.

The next day we get up and I say, "Come on, let's go to Martin's. They said we could get ready there."  Well we have to wait for the photographer because he's supposed to be getting pictures of us getting ready. He doesn't show up until 10:00!! Of course, because we never finalized any of the details and didn't tell him when to meet us. We have an hour before the ceremony starts. We leave for Martin's and we start getting ready and he doesn't take any pictures of us getting ready or anything, so now I'm mad. I ask him when he's going to start taking pictures and he ignores me! Also, no one is even there because we didn't send out any invitations! Then I tell Krista that I was going to run into work real fast. 

We were trying to decide on the morning of the wedding if we should have the reception in my closet, but decide against it because it’s too dark in there and no one would be able to see.  I don’t know where that idea came from!  It was just silly!

Dream 2:


            Amy spends the night at my house and Leah shows up the next morning.  We are having our reception at 3:00 p. m. and it’s 2:45.  I start freaking out because we only have 15 minutes before the wedding and no one is dressed, the photographer isn’t there, so no pictures of us getting ready are taken, etc.  So I tell my mom and everyone else to just leave.  I’ll get ready and show up.  I tell my mom to tell Jamie that I’m just running late so he doesn’t think I’m not going to show up.

            I get ready to leave and I show up at the ceremony just in time.  Jamie and I go outside before it starts and sit on the stairs and just start talking.  (I’m just sitting outside on the stairs in my dress!!)  Then I think, “Wait a minute, I’m not supposed to be seeing him beforehand!”  Anyway, our Reverend tells us she’s ready to begin and we get up.  Then I remember that I don’t have my tiara!  I really wanted to wear it, so I told Jamie I’d be right back, I just had to run home.  He said okay.

            So I actually run home.  I leave my car at the site and run home.  I can’t find the tiara anywhere!  Then for some reason I think it might be someplace down the street, so I run off to find it.  I search and search and finally find it.  I’m on my way back to the ceremony when the road is closed because there is construction going on.  The guys won’t let me through because it’s closed and I said, “But I’m just running through.  I’m not driving!”  But they won’t let me go anyway.  So I say, “Forget this.” and I take off running through the mud and all the construction.  Well one of the guys gets mad and picks me up and puts me over his shoulder.  I start flailing my arms and legs hitting him.  I’m wearing my dress the whole time and I’m trying to explain to them that I’m trying to get to my wedding, but they won’t listen.

Somehow I get out of his grasp and I take off running again.  Of course I can’t run fast in my dreams unless I run backwards, so I run backwards all the way back to the ceremony.  It’s now 2:30 p. m. and I’ve been gone for 1 hours (because apparently time goes backwards in my dreams)!  When I get there, our Reverend is gone, and I see Jamie and he’s dancing at the reception.  I said, “Well, what about the ceremony?” and he says, “You were late.  Don’t worry about it.  We’re just going to have the reception.”  So I’m okay with this until I remember that we didn’t send out or ever order our invitations.  We have no favors, etc.  But some people are there anyway.  So we start dancing and going about our wedding celebration, and no one even cared that that couldn’t really happen because we didn’t even get married!  We were celebrating a marriage that never took place.  Just crazy.  J

Dream 3:

            Dream 3 I don’t really remember.  It was real fast in the middle of some other dreams.  I think it was just along the lines of I didn’t have a dress, no one had anything to wear for the wedding and we didn’t send out invitations again!

Dream 4:

            I went to pick up my dress and Jamie went with me.  It was in a see through bag and he saw it.  After all the trouble I went through to make sure I didn’t give him any details about my dress, he saw it anyway.  >:(  I was not happy about this.

Dream 5:

            The bridesmaids dresses all came in and I was up there with Colleen and she tried on her dress and it was huge.  Way too big.  All of the dresses were too big for everyone.  And they had sleeves on them.  They all kind of resembled a robe, just the way they were all big and bulky and how they looked on.  Yuck.

Dream 6:

            It was the day of the wedding and I realized it was 10:00 a. m.!  Knowing that the wedding started in an hour, I freaked out and jumped up out of bed and threw on my dress.  Of course the dress was huge because I never had alterations done.  I decided then that I didn't have enough time to put on my jewelry, my tiara, my shoes, etc., so I just decided to wear only my dress to the wedding.  Meanwhile in my head, Krista's words kept repeating over and over, "I told you 11:00 was too early for a wedding...  I told you 11:00 was too early for a wedding."  So I had to leave my shoes and all my accessories at home and go to the wedding in a dress that didn't even fit me!

Dream 7:


            Well, as usual, when I start talking about everything that has to be done regarding the wedding in real life, it runs over into my dreams.
            I woke up on the day of the wedding and was running around trying to get everything done.  I couldn't get my dress to stay up, (for some reason I was wearing it strapless) and it kept bunching up.  So I called my mom in to help me and she told me that only two bridesmaids had shown up.  I asked her who and she said, "Krista and Amy".  I said, "Well, where's Colleen and Leah?"  My mom said, "I tried calling them, but couldn't get through."  I was sooo mad!  I ran to the phone and called them both.  I got through to Colleen on the second call and asked her where she was.  Apparently she forgot about it.  She said she'd hurry and be on her way.  Then I called Leah and left a message on her voicemail on her cell phone.  She called me back and said, "Yeah, I'm on the beltway and I'm not going to be able to make it.  But I'll call you tomorrow."  I was livid and started screaming, "She better not call me tomorrow.  This is the end of our friendship!!"
            I went outside to leave for the wedding and Jamie was going up my neighbor's stairs.  I screamed at him and ran inside because I was in my dress and he wasn't supposed to see me. Well he took that as meaning, "Come on over."  So he shows up at my house and wants in.  I keep telling him to leave because he's not supposed to see me before the wedding.  He finally gets in my house and starts talking to me like it's no big deal.  I finally hide in the bathroom until my mom gets him out of the house.
            Just then his ring arrives in the mail (talk about last minute!).  I open it up and it's awful.  It's just absolutely horrid.  It has the usual wedding band, but on top of the band is a huge (about 2 inches in diameter) "disk".  Set in the disk is a dingy diamond that's all dirty.  Coming off of the disk is a long piece of metal (about 6 inches) that just hangs there.  It was the ugliest thing you've ever seen.  I told him later that I was not giving him that ring, we were going to send it back, because it was so horrible.
            When he leaves, I go to the wedding site and see him again.  I thought we had forgotten invitations again (the usual thing we forget in my dreams).  So I asked him if we had sent them out and he said yes.  (At least that was a relief.)  Finally when we're ready for the wedding, no one is there.  Turns out we had spent so much time at my house talking and trying to get ready, that it was 6:00 p. m. and we had missed our own wedding.

Dream 8:

            I showed up at the Rehearsal dinner, at Taco Bell (classy), and the place was packed with people I had gone to high school with.  None of the (real) bridesmaids were there and none of the (real) groomsmen were there.  Jamie wasn't even there.  But amongst the group of people were apparently our bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I stood up to make a speech and said, "We have a rehearsal dinner obviously so that everyone can get to know each other.  Now I'm not sure who's a bridesmaid or who's a groomsmen, or who else is in the wedding, but..." and then everyone started talking and ignored me.  I didn't get to tell them any important stuff.  I recognized the people as people I had gone to school with, but no one that I consider a friend.  Just random people apparently to help us out with our wedding.

Dream 9:

            It was the day before the wedding and a whole bunch of our friends and family had showed up to have an engagement party for me and Jamie.
            A little girl named Jasmine that I didn't know gave me the first present to open and it was a sandwich like a grilled cheese or something ridiculous.  There was a big one and a little one wrapped in aluminum foil for me (because apparently sandwich bread comes in big and small sizes now).  Don't know how I felt about that, but okay.
            Suddenly I remembered that Krista and my mother had nothing to wear for the wedding.  It was 9:00 at night the night before.  Krista had shown up at the engagement party in a really nice suit and although she has a lot of great clothes, I remembered that she had nothing "just right" to wear.  (Apparently she was no longer in the wedding, but just a guest.)  I tried to find her, but she had left, so I started calling her on her cell phone and could never get through.
            Knowing there's only 14 hours until the wedding, I tell my mom that we have to go find something for her to wear and she says, "No place is going to be open at 9:00 at night." and I said, "I don't care.  We are not going to have any time to do it tomorrow!  We have to find a place that is open"
            While running around trying to find Krista, we suddenly appear at the location of the wedding.  For some reason, our wedding and a whole school's graduation are being held at the same place.  And not even in different rooms.  They are being held side by side (outside).  So close in fact that all the chairs are placed together and the graduation guests and our wedding guests will have to sit together in the rows of chairs.  The stage for the graduation is actually right next to where the wedding party would be standing.
            Suddenly my mom and I appear at JCPenney and go into a fitting room (with no clothes to try on, we just go in there), while I'm still trying to get ahold of Krista.  That's where it ended.

Dream 10:

            My Ivillage friend, Estelle, was apparently going to be in the wedding and be a bridesmaid.  I was paying for her flight ticket for her and her fiance to come out here from California, but she called me up and told me she was withdrawing as a bridesmaid.  I said, "But I'm paying for your ticket!"  She would not reconsider even though I pointed out that we had already ordered her dress.
            The dream ended with me crying about her not being in my wedding.
            Of course in real life she reminded me that this couldn't happen because her and her fiance would be on their honeymoon at the time anyway!

Dream 11:

            This was a crazy dream that left me feeling very nervous when I woke up.  I kept thinking about the wedding and couldn't get back to sleep.  I think this is all due to the fact that we finally got under 200 days until the wedding and I felt like time was just passing us by.
            It was actually the day of the wedding in the dream.  My mom was giving me and Jamie a ride (in my car) to my house so we could get ready.  On the way, Jamie wanted to stop to see his mother.  She asked him to have me come in because she wanted to talk to me.  I went inside (Jamie went outside) and sat down.  His mother started saying something along the lines of she didn't think I really was the best for Jamie.  She thought I was just marrying him because it was so convenient since he lived so close to me.  I freaked out and told her that that wasn't true at all.  I was marrying Jamie because I loved him, not because he lived next door to me.  I got mad and ran outside and had my mom drive me home (we left Jamie at his house, although in the dream he lived on a street adjacent to my street - not right next door).  When I got home, I tried to call Krista.  It was early in the morning like 9:00 or so.  She answered all tired (apparently I had woken her up - hey shouldn't she be getting ready?  She's in the wedding!!).  Anyway, I said, "Let me tell you what Jamie's mother just said to me!!"  I went into the whole story and when I was done I realized that she had hung up on me half way through my story.
            At that point Jamie finally reached our house after walking there.  I looked at the clock and realized that we were never going to be able to get ready in time for the wedding. We could try, but it wouldn't happen.  So I decided that I would make it April 29th instead of May 30th.  That way I still had a month left to plan.  This worked out well and magically it was suddenly April 29th.  Then I started freaking out because I knew I only had a month left to plan!  We still hadn't ordered invitations!  How would we get them sent out in time?  That's about where it ended.

Dream 12:

            Okay.  it was the morning of the wedding.  I was hanging out at what appeared to be a church, but I was out in the hallway.  Amy came up to me and said, "Okay, it's time to get you in your dress." and I said, "What?!  It's time to get dressed already?  But I don't have my tiara or my veil and I really wanted to wear them!"  Amy said, "Don't worry.  I brought that all with me."  Whew!
            Then I say, "Hey, did you ever finish doing the alterations on my dress?"  (Because apparently she was supposed to.)  And she said, "No.  I didn't have the time.  You'll have to wear it the way it is."
            So she starts to help me into my way-too-big-for-me dress and I say, "Well, we forgot the flowers and my jewelry!"  Amy says, "I got all that!  I cleared out your closet at home and brought everything with me."  So then I'm all relieved and I hug her and think to myself, "Wow, she is a great friend.  She thought of everything. I picked the right person to be my Matron of Honor."
            As I'm getting ready out in the hallway of the church, I can see Jamie inside, he's standing up at the front of the chruch in jeans and a sweatshirt, just leaning against a "pillar" waiting for the wedding to begin.  He can see me too, and he's just standing there staring at me.  So I put on my dress and freak out that he can see me and my dress, but I don't move.  Then I tell Amy, "Well, I decided I didn't want to wear tennis shoes anymore.  I wanted to wear my sandals!  Did you bring those?"  Amy says no, because she had no idea I wanted to wear different shoes.  So fine, I'm stuck wearing the same shoes.
            When I have my dress on, not only is it too big, but it's waaay too short.  It's almost all the way up to my knees.  I put on my socks (white knee highs) and then put on my tennis shoes, but the socks look ridiculous, so I take them off and put my shoes back on by themselves.  Then I stand up and I just look stupid with my legs sticking out of a too short dress.  So Amy says, "Put the socks back on.  They're white, so everyone will just think that that's the dress.  They won't know you're wearing socks."  Fine.  I put the socks back on and pull them up to my knees.
            I don't think much else happened.  We didn't walk down the aisle, none of the bridesmaids were there except Amy, and she wasn't in her dress, I think that's just where it ended.  Stupid Jamie though showing up in jeans and a sweatshirt!  What was he thinking?  J

Dream 13:

This dream was very short.  Amy showed up at my house and I told her that I was tired of waiting for the wedding, so we were moving the date up to January 7th (which, as it turns out had not only already passed, but it was a Wednesday).  She told me we couldn't switch the date and I told her we were anyway.

Then I was out somewhere with my dress and all these people kept touching it.  "It's so pretty.  It's so beautiful." and I'm thinking to myself, "Stop touching my dress!!"

Dream from Colleen:

How fun!  Even friends are having dreams about my wedding now!

Colleen had a dream that everyone threw me and Jamie a co-ed wedding shower together at a club.  Jamie and I were dressed very casually while the wedding party was all decked out in their dresses and tuxes.

Apparently everyone starts dancing and there's disco lights and stuff and Jamie and I sneak away and no one can find us.  Colleen says she'll go find us, and she goes downstairs in like the basement of the club.  There's a whole bunch of rooms down there so she just starts knocking on doors.  She gets to the room where we were and when she knocked we were inside and I was "shushing" Jamie telling him she wouldn't be able to hear us.  So she stands outside and says, "I know you're in there.  I can hear you!"  Then I get up and walk to the door and I'm about to open it when she tells me not to worry because she's the only one down there.  Then while I'm deciding apparently she calls in everyone else downstairs.  She tells them that she found us and she shooed everyone downstairs so when I opened the door everyone was standing there.  I think that's where it ended.

Dream 14:

In this dream, it was either February 10th and I was suddenly getting married on February 30th (which doesn't exist), or it was May 10th, and I was getting married on May 30th.  Either way, I had only twenty days left.

I was at my house freaking out.  "How could this happen?  I just had over 100 days, now suddenly I'm down to twenty!"  I kept repeating this over and over.

I was talking to my co-worker Rhonda who was at my house (actually the dream took place at my grandmother's old house) and I said, "I suppose I should get my dress in to get it altered soon!  I should also probably look through the petticoats that Amy lent to me to see which one I want to use."  Rhonda said, "Okay.  Good luck with that.  I'll see you at the fair," and then she left.

Then I told my mom to put on her dress so we could start doing alterations on it.  She comes out wearing this dark blue taffeta dress that is way too tight and way too short.  It's like a stripper mom dress.  I said, "Where's the dress we got for you?"  She said, "I didn't like that one so I sent it back.  This one's much better."  Uh huh.  Okay.  Because stripper mom dresses are always appropriate to wear at a wedding.  J

Dream 15:

It was the day of the wedding.  Jamie and I were still getting married, except I was wearing a bridesmaid's dress along with the other girls.  I was running around trying to get all this stuff done at the last minute.  Everyone was ready to go but me.

Finally it's about five minutes before the wedding.  We're all hanging around in this big house, which must have been the "bridal suite" and our neighbor is there and he says, "It's time!  It's too late for you to get ready.  You'll have to get married like that and worry about the dress afterwards."  I got mad!  So Jamie stands up for me and says, "She's been doing last minute things for the wedding!  We'll wait for her!"

So I ask all the bridesmaids to help me.  I need to put on my dress, I need someone to fix my hair because it's just a big, poofy, tangled mess, and I have a weird rash on my face that I'm hoping someone can conceal with makeup.  I walk into the room and say, "Can you girls help me?"  Instead of jumping right in, they sit there all agitated and complain.

Dream 16:

This dream started off with my bridesmaids throwing me a bridal shower.  I was on my way to the shower, but I couldn't find my camera, which I, of course, wanted to take with me.  Then I didn't have any film left.  I was running late and couldn't remember where I was going, so I called Jamie to get directions from him and he told me to just follow the beltway and when I saw the exit, I'd know it.  Okay...

Then suddenly I was at work.  It was the day of the wedding and I was wearing my dress to work because as soon as work was over, I was leaving right away to go get married.  So I kept running up and down the stairs in my dress, but I had it bustled, so that helped a little.  J

Dream 17:

I don't remember the whole dream.  I do remember it being the day before the wedding.  I was running around trying to make sure everything was done.  I was going over in my head everything to take with me the next day:  my dress, two pairs of shoes, my veil, tiara, etc.

Then I remembered that despite my asking him for it many, many times, Jamie never gave me his guestlist, which means that none of his family or friends had received an invite and they wouldn't be there.

Of course when I told him this when I woke up, he only said, "How sad" and when I asked him for his guestlist, he said, "We'll see".  So I don't think I'll be too surprised if only my friends and family show up at the wedding because they'll be the only ones who get invites.

Dream 18:

In this dream, I decided that I wanted to switch the bridesmaids dresses.  Sure, everyone had already ordered and received their dresses, but I wanted to switch to the original ones that I liked from David's Bridal.  The dream was fast, but included me and Krista (I think) at David's.  She had on the real dress and I kept holding up the other one saying, "No, I like this one more!"

Of course I didn't choose those dresses for a reason.  1.  I liked the ones we got better, and 2.  they were too heavy for a spring wedding.  The ones I picked are just perfect.

Dream 19:

It was the day before the wedding, as usual.  I was at work, (it was a Friday).  Apparently there were a whole bunch of "brides - to - be" at my job, so they had everyone go home and draw a picture of their dress and bring it in to work to hang up on the wall in a meeting area.

So I show up with my picture.  Of course it wasn't an exact picture, but it looked really great!  I had, however, forgotten to draw the back of it, and I didn't have any more room, so they told me I could draw it on the refrigerator.  I just decided to hang up what I had on the wall.  Then, in walks a co-worker, who decided that she would not draw a picture of her dress, but would instead wear her dress to work for everyone to see.  She shows up in this big Santa like coat.  When she takes it off, underneath is a huge red and greed plaid dress.  I just started laughing.

Then I was in the cafeteria, running around like a crazy person trying to get things cleaned up before I would leave.  I kept thinking, "I can't believe it's the day before the wedding!  How did it get here so fast?"

There were a bunch of co-workers standing outside the room and I could hear them saying, "I feel so bad.  Jennifer's leaving on Monday and I didn't even get her a card."

Then the dream did a complete switch and I was at home.  Colleen called and told me she was going shoe shopping for the wedding and asked if I wanted to go with her.  How could I pass up shoe shopping?  I said yes!

So we go to a store and I find a great pair of shoes for around $25 that I just had to have.  They had a slight open toe in the middle, with the sides of the toes covered.  I loved them!  So I bought them and then when I got home, I realized that the heal on the shoe had gotten a lot bigger.  The heal was about four inches!  I got really upset because clearly this would not work for the wedding. I would be towering over Jamie!  So I decided I had to take the shoes back, which really upset me because I really liked them.  However, I still had two more pairs of shoes at home that I was going to wear for the wedding, so no big deal.

Dream 20:

In this dream, it was the day of my bridal shower.  I remember that only about a few people were there.   Amy, me, my mom, Leah, Krista (I think), my friend, Tova, and my 7th grade English Teacher, Mrs. Baxter - Peyton.

Not much happened except we all sat around outside at my old house and opened gifts.  Someone had brought a shopping cart with them so that I could put all the stuff I received in it and then just push it all inside.  As it turns out, I could have easily carried everything inside.  I got about 5 gifts.  Jamie's mom and aunt did not show up, but they brought up a set of metal silverware (and knowing me, I'd probably never use it!  I prefer plastic table settings!).  I don't remember what else I got, but I do remember that Tova got me a baby rattle, which really kind of freaked me out!  I was getting married, I wasn't pregnant!  From what I remember, I got other baby stuff too (like a blanket or some toys or something), but I can't remember exactly what they were.

The whole time I was there, I didn't talk to my teacher at all.  My mom told me she was mad because her invite had the wrong address on it (apparently I had addressed and sent out the invites).  The invite obviously found its way to her, but she was still upset.

Dream 21:

            Another short dream.  Jamie and Rich were sitting on my mom's bed watching TV.  I walked in and Jamie says, "Oh, I called all your friends and told them they couldn't come to the wedding."

            Of course I yelled, "You did what?"

            He says, "Well, you were so worried that we were going to have too many guests there, so I called your friends and told them there wouldn't be any room for them and for them not to come.  I thought you'd be happy!"

            I said, "How could you do that?  I invited them for a reason!  Obviously I wanted them there!"

            Him and Rich just kept watching TV.

Dream from Krista:

Krista had a dream that I called her up and told her that I had had a dream the other night and someone in my dream told me not to marry Jamie, so I was calling off the wedding.  Apparently I kept apologizing over and over to her for her buying a dress when I wasn't even getting married.

I just think that's funny.  I'm calling off the wedding because someone in my dream told me not to marry Jamie, not even someone in real life.

Dream 22:

Well, in real life about a week ago, I went in for my second dress fitting and the dress had been altered way too small.

Last night in my dream, I went back to try it on for my third fitting and I don't remember how it fit, but I do remember that the dress was messed up because you could see all the stupid pin pricks in the fabric from where they took the dress in and then had to let it back out.  I just kept thinking, "My dress is ruined!"

Hopefully when I go back on April 30th, it'll be done right and it won't look ridiculous.

Dream 23:

This was really the only dream that has upset me and left me feeling very sad when I woke up.

It was the day of the wedding, and a girl Sarah, on the Weddings board on Ivillage was helping me get ready.  I remember that she told me to wear my tennis shoes because my feet would feel better.  Then I was off to be married that fast!  The wedding part was a blur.  I took three steps down the aisle then we were eating, then we were waking up the next morning and I turned to Jamie and said, "That's it?"  He said, "That's it!"  I said, "Well I don't remember anything about the wedding!  What happened?"  And it's true.  I couldn't remember anything.  We were staying at a hotel that apparently the wedding was held in and it seemed as though a lot of our guests were as well.  We were walking around the next morning and I had a whole bunch of people I don't know come up and tell us the reception was amazing and so much fun!  I was so sad because I couldn't remember it!

I turned to Jamie and said, "Well, what about the favors?  I don't even remember handing them out!  Did anyone like them?"  He said, "Oh yeah!  Everyone loved them!"  So I said, "Oh yeah?  What did they say?"  He replies with, "Oh... well... George's parents I guess liked them." and that was it!  How does that convert into everyone liked them?"

I said, "I don't even remember the ceremony!  I didn't even get to give you your ring!"  He said, "Oh stop!  You did too!"  I look down at my hand and I'm only wearing my engagement ring.  I said, "You can see just how much the wedding bands mean to us!  We're not even wearing them!"

It was just one big mess.  I felt like I had lost my memory or something.  I started crying in the dream and when I first woke up I didn't realize yet that it was only a dream.  I actually started crying to think that I couldn't remember anything about our wedding!  I was so relieved when I opened my eyes and looked around and saw that I hadn't missed anything!  We still had 28 days left!