Our Wedding And Beyond

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Jamie and I spent forever browsing for favors, ordering favors, and assembling bags of favors, and I am thrilled that guests were already looking through their bags by the time dinner was served.  They had the favors out, using some of them, and when we left we only had eight bags left over (and we excected to have six).  I am so happy that people did not leave them behind and that they seemed to be such a big hit.  This is a very big deal to us.

All favors will be put in these bags and handed out to guests.

All guests will get the following in their bags:

These are mini beach balls - too cute!

Smiley bookmarks with wiggle eyes.

Smiley face pencils that are personalized!

Everyone will get these stress reliever balls. Some will be neon colored...

...some will be regular colors. They will be personalized with our names and date.

Lollipops that leave a smiley "tattoo" on your tongue! Too fun.


Smiley face buttermints

Wedding fortune cookies

These will be divided up between guests.  They will get one of the following, not one of each:

Either an Antenna Topper (love these) ...

These smiley porcupines. Love these too! So cute. ...

Or these smiley slide puzzles. I love these things!

Additional "Favors":

Bubbles for the guests to use when Jamie and I are leaving.