Our Wedding And Beyond

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Ceremony pictures:

Well Good Lord, I cannot believe that the time has already come and gone.  We have been married two weeks as I type this.
For those of you who were there, you know just what a big deal the ceremony was to us.  People were telling me that they've never seen a happier bride at any wedding that they've been to.  Apparently Jamie's family couldn't believe that it was really me because I'm "too quiet".  Hee-hee.
The ceremony started five minutes late and I was not happy about that.  I like everything to start when they say it's going to start.  Apparently someone working for Martin's was waiting outside the bridal suite room and heard me complaining and they said, "The bride is more than ready to go."  What do you know, the ceremony started almost immediately after that.  I had told the DJ that I wanted to walk down the aisle to "Valentine" along with my bridesmaids.  I'm not sure if he forgot to tell the DJ he sent, or if it was just overlooked, but right before I was about to walk down, they cut off the song and started playing the very boring "Here Comes the Bride".  I freaked.  Well, okay, I didn't freak, but I made sure very fast that they knew I did not want to walk down the aisle to that and they told the DJ and "Valentine" came back on.
Jamie told me later that he could see me jumping up and down outside in the hall before it was my turn to walk down.  I was so excited.  I couldn't help it!  And why was everyone moving so slowly?  Walk!!  LOL.  My turn came and I walked down with my mother.  It felt like an eternity.  I was taking my time, I thought, walking down the aisle, jumping up and down.  I couldn't stop.  When I later saw the tape on the Ceremony, I realized just how fast I was walking.  I was flying down the aisle.  I got to the middle and that was the first time I could actually see Jamie.  I nearly started hyperventilating.  I dropped my head because I knew I was going to start crying and I was trying not to.  It didn't help.  By the time I got to him, I was breathing very heavy and I was bawling.  I was so stunned to be standing there next to him that I was barely listening to what the Reverend was saying... everything that I had taken so long to pick out had  been picked out by me for a reason and now I couldn't even listen to it.  I was in my own little world with Jamie.
The vows came and I could barely muster up the courage to say what I had written in front of the 100 people staring at me.  When I did finally start, all I did was cry.  I'm surprised I made it through.  I had to stop half way through to regain my composure.  I never expected Jamie to cry, but in all honestly, I thought he'd cry more than I would.  I never thought I would cry.  Turns out, I couldn't make it down the aisle before I started crying, and I could hardly make it through my vows.
Jamie was so proud of himself for finishing his vows first, so I'll admit that I was a little worried about what his vows could consist of with only 20 minutes of thought put into them, but his vows made me cry even more and he cried too (woo-hoo - at least I wasn't the only one stumbling through my vows).
During the kiss, I was so ecstatic to be married to this amazing man, that I just kept hanging on and hugging him.  Our Reverend had to break us up so that she could announce us as newly married and we could move on.  LOL.  I saw many camera flashes from our photographer during our kiss.  It was very long.
On the way out, even though I had continued my jumping up and down during the actual ceremony, I still wasn't all jumped out.  I tried to get Jamie to skip down the aisle.  He wouldn't, so I skipped along until he made me stop.  :)
Off we went to get our pictures taken, and instead we just stood outside hugging.  We really did it!!

The Facts

Location:  Martin's North Point
Time:  11:00 a. m.
Who will be Officiating:  Reverend Mary Powers
Songs Played:  My girls and I walked down the aisle to "Valentine" by Martina McBride
"The Light of Two Souls" and "Love, Trust, and Forgiveness"

... still walking...

Whew... made it to Jamie safely.

I'm so ecstatic, I can't even stand it. Time to stop crying now.

A very bad, far away shot of our kiss / hug of eternity.

Woo-hoo! We did it! Stupid shoes made me taller than Jamie.